LRIA response to proposed County zoning re-evaluation

This pdf contains the letter LRIA sent to the Planning Commission, our County Supervisor Susan Adams, and the County’s environmental planning manager:

LRIA-Ltr-to-the-Marin-Co-Planning-Commission (PDF)

We also sent a letter to the 12 homeowners whose property is listed for possible zoning re-evaluation:

LRIA-Letter-to-Neighbors (PDF)


Los Ranchitos (Hispanic definition: little ranches) is a quaint and distinctive area of one acre+ rural country estates only moments away from highway 101, the distinguished award winning Dixie schools and near to shopping facilities.

The 160 homes that make up this small community date back to the late 1940′s and it is thought that many lots were purchased as ‘country’ homes for those living in San Francisco, a mere 16 miles to the southeast of Los Ranchitos.

scan0019-about1The community was slow to grow and it seemed that most of the original homes constructed were built around Circle Road, with only a few scattered around the surrounding oak lined hills.  In 1952, it was reported that 24 homes had been constructed in 165 acres of land which define this area.

In some notes recounting the early history of this area the Redding family wrote:
The Los Ranchitos Improvement Association was already in operation, and I attended my first meeting in 1952.  They were quite a group of fellows and united in one thought that the minimum of acerage per lot should be always one acre.  This, of course, set up a number of problems that eventually had to be faced.  The first was that a number of Building Contractors owned property in this area and were anticipating the idea of hoping that the day would occur when the acre limitation would terminate, and they would be in a powerfull position to make a few bucks.

Our second problem was that the county was ambivalent about our restrictions, so that any new purchaser of property had to advised of the restrictions and the limitations of one house per acre.

The third problem dealt with Real Estate dealers. They sometimes had a tendency to neglect to tell any prospector buyers that there were restrictions…

To acquaint you with some of the communities near Los Ranchitos:

  • San Anselmo lies immediately to the southwest.
  • Just to the southeast of Los Ranchitos is San Rafael. It is less than 2 miles away.
  • Santa Venetia, less than 2 miles to the northeast; Fairfax, 2 miles to the west; Kentfield, 2 miles to the south.
  •   The largest community (within a 50 mile [80 km] radius) is San Francisco. It is located about 16 miles [25 km] to the southeast 

Corp Mailing Address:
Los Ranchitos Improvement Association
P.O. Box 4146
San Rafael, CA  94903

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